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OKR software for companies

Focus is the simplest OKR software for digital companies that helps you establish goals, align your team, and achieve superior results, even when everyone is remote

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Simple and powerful OKR tool for SaaS

Align your team around objectives to achieve better results. Get your OKRs out of spreadsheets.

OKR Management

Set Objectives. Track. Measure.

Task Management

Identify the list of to-do actions to achieve your objectives.

Meetings Management

Automate check-ins and weekly planning

Employee Engagement Management

Build a happy culture and set feedback loops


Focus Framework

Focus apps

Daily Check-ins
Weekly Updates
Mood surveys
1:1 meetings

Without Focus

Google Sheets for OKRs
Google Docs for 1:1 meetings
Zoom calls for status meetings
$1,395/month the cost of time for status meetings for 5 employees
Slack bot for daily standups
$3/month per user
Hours for trying to keep the focus
$$$ for doing wrong things

With Focus

Daily check-ins
Weekly Updates
1:1 meetings
Mood check-ins
Weekly and daily focuses
Auto reminders
+ Team alignment and focus
+ Connection between strategy and tactics

OKR Management

Identify OKRs. Measure progress. Align team.

Create transparency across your company by using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Apply Silicon Valley’s secret sauce and build a high-performing team to achieve new heights.

Get your OKRs out of spreadsheets.
Fill the gap between your strategy and execution.

Identify top priorities by setting OKRs and keep your team’s focus on them day after day.


Task Management

Create tasks. Link to OKRs. See all picture.

Set tasks you need to do to achieve OKRs.

Connect day to day operations to strategic objectives. Measure your progress in real-time.


Meeting Management

Sync up your team. Run effective meetings.

Escape from pointless meetings.

Replace lengthy meetings and other interruptions with efficient online check-ins.

Focus helps your team have fewer meetings and prepare better for the ones that matter.


Employee Engagement Management

Boost team morale. Have fun together. Build happy and high-performing remote teams.

Empower people and unlock their best performance.

Listen to the voice of your employees. Inspire the conversations you and your people need. Build engagement like never before.


Use Focus on the web app or in Slack and Discord

Use Focus on the web app and get all information in your team account. Or bring all power of asynchronous standups and employee recognition without leaving Slack or Discord. Just integrate your team account with Focus bot for Slack. It takes less than a minute.

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